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This year I am doing a weekly series every Monday on organizing. There is a great book that I found on Amazon, organize now, by Jennifer Ford Berry. The thing I really love about this book is that it is broken up in to weeks. There is a project for every week of the year, plus a few more.

Week One: Mind and Life Vision
Week Two: Priorities
In Week One, I talked about how I filled out a sheet from The Project Girl to zero in on my goals for the year.

I had this sheet in my big, bulky planner. I just wasn’t utilizing it like I should. I have since switched over to my Bullet Journal, which I will cover in Week Three, Schedules. I decided I needed something that was more visible.

How is that for visible? It is a blank wall behind the door to my laundry room from my kitchen. I now have three feet by five feet of inspiration!

I ordered cork tiles, some chevron ribbon, baby clothespins, and pushpins.

At the top, I used ribbon and baby clothespins to visualize my weight loss. I am down 35, with 23 more to go.

Then I have a copy of my goals for the year…

Then my weekly goals checklist…



Then I have some inspirational pages. Sometimes I get so bogged down in my planning and list making that I don’t actually do anything on the lists!

Then I have sheets for tracking my weight and blood sugar (I am diabetic)…

Then I have my blog calendar, my yearly schedule for Organize Now…


I also included a cheat sheet for the Zen to Done method…

Then I have my monthly list of photo challenges for Project Life…

My homeschooled son is doing Movies as Literature this year, and I have expanded the schedule somewhat, and I have also adapted the Back to Classics Challenge at Books and Chocolate



I now have a huge reminder of my priorities staring me in the face! I love it!



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