Clean and Organized This Summer…

So I had all of these great plans for this summer… Clean the house top to bottom Organize the entire house Organize the warehouse Get my 15 yo ready to go away to school in August Get my new Plexus business up and running Get my antiques booth redesigned Blog every day Get set up … Read more…

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Health and Fitness Planner

I am starting a new diet and fitness plan, and me being me, I just had to make a disc bound planner. In keeping with my new obsession with Clean Mama, I used her printables to make it. First off, we have health and fitness goals… Then a food journal… A workout tracker… A page … Read more…

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My Homekeeping Binder

I had been a follower of the Flylady for years, we are talking close to 20 years.  But it just wasn’t working for me. We broke up.  And I found someone new.


My Hobonichi Planner

If you are not a total geek, you will not understand this post at all. I am a certified office supply and planner junkie, always have been. I belong to several Facebook groups about planners, bullet journaling, pens…it is a little crazy, I know.


Beach Week Menu Planning

This is a crazy week.  My husband comes home Thursday from Saudi Arabia for his two week visit that he gets every three months, and we leave the next day for spring break in Florida.


What’s in my Car?

This year I am doing a weekly series every Monday on organizing. There is a great book that I found on Amazon, organize now, by Jennifer Ford Berry.